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My experience centres around building out B2B products and teams primarily spanning Accounting, HR and Ed Tech verticals. I have built multiple teams and product functions around this. 

Throughout my career, I have had to play a variety of roles. Everything from ensuring product and engineering teams have a solid understanding of the customer problem to solve, going deep into the technical intricacies of an issue to leading strategic c-suite conversations.

This has given me a versatile skill set, meaning I am as capable of understanding the intricacies of user requirements as much as I am able to lead board level discussions.

I am a passionate people manager and do a lot of career-based mentoring for product managers at all levels.


I help individuals break down a specific operational problem they are trying to tackle or help them understand the underlying physiological motivator which maybe driving them for good or bad.


I offer these sessions externally typically taking on 2-3 individuals over a 8 week period. Please get in touch if this maybe of interest

Nik Murthy

Director of Product  Cryptio


I enjoy problem solving, if you have a product or career issue you want to 
un-pick with me please contact me.

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